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  ARC Heartland Chapter
2912 South 80th Avenue
Omaha, NE 68124
(402) 343-7700


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Disaster Drills Upcoming

Disaster Drills Upcoming

The Heartland Chapter has been invited to participate in two disaster drills this year. The city of Omaha will conduct training designed around weapons of mass destruction . This dovetails with recent instruction from the Defense Department.

The second drill, sponsored by Offutt AFB will exercise the National Disaster Medical System, which has been developed to ensure that the U-S is prepared to respond medically to all types of mass casualty emergency situations.

DSHR Members, "they" are coming !

We know they are coming. They come every year about this same time. Will you be ready for them?

Exactly what is coming, you ask? Is it a flood, a tornado, no, not an earthquake or an ice jam? No, worse.

In the words of a popular movie, "be afraid, be very afraid." Yes, itís the dreaded DSHR profile update! And itís coming to a mailbox near you very soon. Stay tuned for further information as it become available.