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Fun Day - Members Recognized for Volunteer Hours

It was food, fun and games, with a little recognition for a lot of hard work.  On September 11, Red Cross Youth Council members and Offutt Air Force Base Volunteers met at Hallock Park, in Papillion, for a day of fun.
Fun Day was organized to recognize the youth members and the volunteer work completed over the summer.  
"We played volleyball, it was fun, but we mostly ate food," Youth Council President Christina Mollietere said.

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Training Offered

The Red Cross Youth Council is broadening its knowledge about disaster services in subjects like disaster services and the Disaster Action Team.  
The Introduction to Disaster Services program will introduce the council members to fundamental information about disasters and the role that the Red Cross takes in disaster action.  The Heartland Chapter Orientation to the Disaster Action Team, (HODAT) is an overview of the Disaster Action Team and provides an introduction to the Red Cross Disaster Program.
"Shelter Operations are important to teach the Youth Council members so that they know how to open a shelter in case there is a need to due to a flood, storm, or even Y2K," Youth Services Coordinator Christy Johnson said.
The Introduction to Disaster Services Program took place on Saturday, October 16 from 9 am to 12 noon.  The HODAT program began November 10, from 9 am to 1 pm.
--Megan Kelleher; Burke High School Service Learning

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Youth Take Active Role in the International Red Cross

Have you ever wondered if other countries have youth council systems?  It just so happens that almost every country under the Red Cross and Red Crescent has services directed in some way to their Youth.
For instance, in neighboring Canada, the Canadian Red Cross has assembled the "Youth Action Council."  This council hopes to raise awareness in not only their local area, but also on the international scene.  They have begun to tackle such issues as racism, poverty, and international development.  
Fundraising is also a big part of their efforts.  The one thing unique about the Canadian Youth Council is that they integrate most of their services for the youth in the schools.
In Canada, the Council is made into more of an after-school activity in connection with the Red Cross base in the area.  
In the metro area, some schools have Red Cross clubs.  One such club is at Bellevue East High School.  Several metro area middle schools sponsor programs that are Red Cross based.
Water For Life is a project by the Australian Youth Federation which provides information about Australian Red Cross water and sanitation programs and seeks to raise funds from school communities and local groups to build safe clean water points.
Many African children must choose between collecting water from an unsafe and polluted source close to home or a clean source many kilometers away.  The Australian Youth Council, through fundraising and volunteer work, has made it possible for local schools and communities to become aware of water and sanitation issues.
Anyone can donate funds to help the Australian Red Cross build safe water points initially in Africa.
The opportunities for involvement in the Red Cross are endless.
--Joe Azer; Burke High School Service Learning

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Burke Students participate in Service Learning Activity

Members of the Burke High Communications Academy had the opportunity to try their hand at compiling a newsletter as one option to fulfill a service learning requirement.
In addition to those students who wrote articles, students were involved in the layout / design of the newsletter and in compiling and verifying information.
"This was a great opportunity for all of us to publish something together and to have something that other kids our age will see," junior Meagan Kelleher said.
Students included Kelleher, seniors Chrissy Diamantis, Joe Azer, and juniors Zach Forrest and Andrea Aken.

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Public Relations Position Filled

The public relations officer is in charge of producing flyers promoting youth council events, posters, and other publicity based areas of the Youth Council.
The public relations officer will meet with the Red Cross public relations specialist, Adam DeVine.  DeVine will meet with the executive officers on the third Wednesday of every month at 5:15 pm.  Elections were held October 27.  Along with making posters and other various public relations activities, the public relations officer will make phone calls reminding youth council members of meetings and other special events.
--Meagan Kelleher; Burke High School Service Learning

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Get to Know Your Officers

"I hope to get more members and open the Youth Council up more to the public.  I ran because I'm interested in getting more knowledge about the community and the involvement of the Red Cross." --Christina Mollietere; President

"I wanted to learn more about the Red Cross and how to take better care of the community."  --Amber D'Amato; Secretary

"I want the youth to get more involved in the community and break the barriers of people thinking youth can't do as much as adults."  --Jessica O'Riley; Vice President

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Volunteers Asked to Help Critically Ill Children

Next time you grab a soda, pull off the tab and put it to a good use.
To help the Ronald McDonald House, Red Cross Youth Council members are trying to save pop tabs that will be sent to the Ronald McDonald House.
The pop tabs are recycled, and the proceeds are used to offset the operating costs of the House.
The 10-Bedroom Ronald McDonald House was opened in 1994 to provide a home for whose children, ages 18 and under, are receiving medical care in the metro area.
The Ronald McDonald House is locally operated by a not-for-profit organization of volunteers known as the Ronald McDonald house Charities in Omaha, Inc.  The Pop Tab for Kids Program is just one way the organization tries to raise money to help families.
Those who are interested in volunteering in other ways may contact the house at Ronald McDonald House Charities, 620 S 38th Ave., or call 346-9377.
The organizations web site is 

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