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Health & Safety Services: Course List

Registration Information
CPR, AED and First Aid
CPR Only
Challenge & Review Courses
Instructor Courses
Instructor Bridging Courses
Offutt Courses

Click on Underlined Course titles in red and go directly to course dates and locations

Non-Certifying CPR/AED Presentation

Adult CPR/AED or Infant & Child CPR - $5/participant (1 hour)
Ideal for community and/or business groups. These presentations demonstrate first aid for breathing emergencies and heart problems, as well as the AED (Automated External Defibrillator).


Sport Safety Training
Learn to provide a safe environment for athletes while they are participating in sports and to provide care for athletic injuries and breathing emergencies/CPR. A great choice for schools, coaches and athletic trainers! Learn to use the AED (Automated External Defibrillator). Available for groups of 6 or more.

SST + Adult CPR/AED - $50 (8 hours)

First Aid

$25/participant (2-1/2 hours)

Great for individuals who want or need first aid skills without CPR. Class learning objectives are: basic care for injuries or sudden illnesses until EMS arrives; basic disease transmission precautions; and recognizing and caring for bleeding, wounds, sudden illness, and immobilizing muscle, bone, and joint injuries. Does not include information on breathing or cardiac emergencies.

Adult CPR/AED & First Aid
The adult CPR/AED portion is held at the beginning of each class. The first aid is held the last two hours of each class. The program also offers a choice of injury-control modules to meet specific training needs of employers and their employees.

Adult CPR/AED + First Aid - $45 (7 hours)
Adult CPR/AED - $35 (4-1/2 hours)
First Aid - $25 (2-1/2 hours)

Infant & Child CPR & First Aid
Infant & Child CPR taught the first 5 hours of class. First Aid is the last 2-1/2 hours of class. It is available to those who already have a valid, one year Infant & Child CPR certification. Targets childcare providers, anyone who works with children or parents of young children.

Infant & Child CPR + First Aid - $45/Couples $75 (7-1/2 hours)
Infant & Child CPR - $35 (5 hours)
First Aid - $25 (2-1/2 hours)

Adult CPR/AED, Infant & Child CPR & First Aid
The Adult CPR/AED is the first portion of the class. Adult CPR/AED + Infant & Child CPR will run concurrently from the start of class. First Aid is the last two hours of class.

Adult CPR/AED + Infant & Child CPR + First Aid - $60/Couples $100 (9 hours)
Adult CPR/AED + Infant & Child CPR - $45
Adult CPR/AED - $35


CPR for the Professional Rescuer
- $55 (8 hours)
This class is for individuals who have a duty to respond. Learn Adult, Infant and Child CPR, as well as techniques for two-rescuer CPR and special rescue situations. The use of resuscitation masks is included. Fee includes textbook and one-way valve pocket mask. This course meets all criteria of the Joint Commission of Accreditation for Hospitals.   American Red Cross certification is accepted in all 50 United States and 63 foreign countries where military installations have Red Cross stations.

Preventing Disease Transmission - $10 (2 hours)

This course has also been known as Bloodborne Pathogens. It is for employees who may come in contact with infectious materials as part of their job (first aid providers, EMTs, paramedics, fire fighters, health care workers, hotel workers, lifeguards, etc.)


CPR/First Aid Challenge

$25 Pre-scheduled Times

$30 Special Appointment

Participants can Challenge any of the following classes: CPR for the Professional Rescuer; Adult CPR/AED; Infant & Child CPR; First Aid or any combination. The Challenge is designed for people who want to renew their CPR and/or First Aid certificates without taking a class again. If you feel that you know the material and the skills well enough to "test out," a Challenge could save you time and money. If you don’t hold a current certificate, you may still take a Challenge. Anyone who does not pass will be referred to the appropriate class. The person challenging is responsible for reviewing the appropriate workbook beforehand. Study the workbook from your previous class, or you may purchase a new one. Do not expect the instructor to coach or train. You will be expected to demonstrate all the skills and pass a written test with 80% or better to earn a new certificate. If you are currently certified, we recommend you take a Challenge a month to six weeks before your certificate expires. Each Challenge can range from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Note: if challenging CPR for the Professional Rescuer, please bring a resuscitation mask.

CPR, AED & First Aid Reviews
This format is shorter and at a lower cost than the full-length course. Adult CPR/AED is the first 2 ½ hours, followed by First Aid. Infant & Child CPR finishes out the reviews. Each class will be reviewed in its entirety. You will be provided with a book and a loaner skill card(s). A current certificate required. Bring proof of certification to the class. (Other organizations' certification accepted if current within the first year). A 30-day grace period is allowed.

Adult CPR/AED (3 hours)
First Aid (2 hours)
Infant & Child CPR (3.5 hours)

Take one of the above classes for $20, two for $35, or all three for $45.

Adult CPR/AED Review

Infant/Child CPR Review

First Aid Review

CPR for Professional Rescuer Review - $25 (4 hours)
This format is shorter and at a lower cost than the full-length course. Bring last year's certificate, a pocket mask and American Red Cross textbook. American Heart Association certification will be acceptable if issued within 12 months prior to the date of the review class. A 30-day grace period is allowed.


The instructor training consists of the Fundamentals in Instructor Training (FIT), the Precourse Test, and the Appropriate Instructor Course. It is recommended before entering an instructor course that you have the basic certification in that particular class you wish to teach.

Fundamentals in Instructor Training (FIT)
- $25 (4 hours)
A prerequisite to all Red Cross instructor courses (CPR/First Aid/AED; HIV; WSI; LGI; etc.). This course is intended to introduce instructor candidates to the history, structure, and activities of the American Red Cross. It prepares the candidates to teach our courses to diverse populations and to introduce them to our policies and procedures to ensure course consistency, quality and appropriate reporting. NOTE:  This course is included in the price, as well as, the first day of the First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Course.
Instructor Precourse Training - (4 hours). It is highly recommended that you take the class you are planning to teach before attempting the precourse test. 
This test confirms you know the skills for each course you plan to teach. You meet with an Instructor Trainer who will conduct a challenge of your needed skills and you must pass written exams with a score of 80% or better. If you do not pass the Precourse Test, you will be asked to take the class you would like to teach again before being admitted into your Instructor Specialty Course.
Note: This training immediately follows the FIT course.
First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Course
- $105 (24 hours). During this course, you'll practice teaching a portion of the course. In order to successfully complete your instructor class, you must practice and demonstrate teaching skills and pass a written exam with a score of 80% or better. All certificates are valid for two calendar years. Students must be 17 years of age by end of instructor class. Note: FIT & the Precourse Training are the first day of this course. The fee for this instructor course includes FIT & the Precourse Training.

Educators Track Instructor Training
- $105 (16 hours)
Instructor candidates who have extensive teaching experience are eligible to complete a fast track Instructor Class of the new r.01 FA/CPR/AED program. Specific criteria referenced at the time of registration. Examples:  Teachers who have taught K-12; College Instructors; Professional Trainers, such as EMS, fire, police or nursing instructors; Instructors from other nationally-recognized health and safety training programs, such as AHA, or NSC Instructors; Scouting or YMCA Instructors or Trainers who have completed formal training from their organization; Military members who have acquired a military occupational specialty, etc.

 A self-study of Fundamentals to Instructor Training (FIT) is required. Materials must be picked up and studied prior to the first day of class. Before entering this instructor training, you must have basic certification in the class you wish to teach. Instructor Candidates will be required to take the Precourse Test listed above in the full training.


CPR for the Professional Rescuer Instructor Bridge - $55 (7 hours)
Completion of this course allows current First Aid/CPR/AED Instructors to teach CPR for the Professional Rescuer. Prerequisites: Current CPR for the Professional Rescuer certificate or equivalent, and authorization as an ARC, First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor. Note: Please bring a resuscitation mask and required certification to class.
Babysitting Instructor Bridge
- $55 (7 hours)
This course offers an opportunity for adult leaders who work with children ages 11 and older on a continuing basis, in churches, schools or scouts to become able to teach the Red Cross Babysitters Training class to their group. Prerequisites: Current ARC, FA/CPR/AED r.01 Instructor Authorization. 

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