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  ARC Heartland Chapter
2912 South 80th Avenue
Omaha, NE 68124
(402) 343-7700


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Disaster Services Classes

Introduction To Disaster Services
Public Affairs in Disaster
Disaster Health Services Module I
Disaster Damage Assessment
Emergency Assistance to Families Module I
Emergency Assistance to Families Module II 
Mass Care Overview
Shelter Operations
Shelter Simulation
Local Disaster Volunteers Module I
Heartland Chapter Orientation to the Disaster Action Team (HO-DAT)


Advanced registration is required.  To register, call 343-7700 and follow the instructions for training classes.  A minimum of six participants per class are required.  Participants registered for courses which are cancelled will be notified by phone 24 to 48 hours in advance.  All classes will be held at the Heartland Chapter building, 2912 South 80th Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska, unless otherwise noted. Class participants should meet their instructor in the lobby of the Red Cross Conference Center on the lower level, southwest end of the building.  Participants arriving late will not be able to gain access to the class. For instructions on how to get to the Chapter see our Map Page.

Introduction to Disaster Services

Learn fundamental information about disasters and their effects and the roles that the American Red Cross and other agencies play in disaster response. NOTE: This is a prerequisite for all other disaster courses.
Heartland Chapter Orientation to the Disaster Action Team (HO-DAT) Orientation

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an overview to the Heartland Chapter Disaster Action Team (DAT). This chapter-specific functional training provides an introduction to the services of the American Red Cross program as delivered by DAT volunteers. Note: This is a prerequisite for membership on the Disaster Action Team.

Shelter Operations

The purpose of this class is to prepare Red Cross and other agencies' staff to effectively and sensitively manage shelter operations as a team, to meet the needs of people displaced as a result of a disaster.
Shelter Simulation

A table top exercise allowing participants to work in teams to open, operate and close a typical Red Cross disaster shelter.  Provides participants an opportunity to practice the skills and apply the knowledge learned in Shelter Operations.  Prerequisite: Shelter Operations.

Public Affairs in Disaster

Explores and discusses the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to conduct public affairs on a disaster operation and to consider the factors that affect the stricken community, its residents, and the resulting public relations image of the Red Cross disaster relief effort.
Disaster Health Services - Module I

For health professionals who wish to assist in delivering quality health services to disaster victims. Prerequisites: Introduction to Disaster Services.

An application for 8.2 contact hours is pending with the Nebraska Nurses Association. A fee of $1/contact hour is charged.
Mass Care Overview

Provides participants with basic information about the activities of the Mass Care function on a disaster operation. Participants will learn about the skills and abilities needed by Mass Care workers and how they can develop them through training courses offered by the Heartland Chapter. Prerequisite: Introduction to Disaster Services.
Disaster Damage Assessment

Instruction on the fundamentals of damage assessment and the importance of gathering reliable data on the physical damage caused by disasters. Prerequisites: Introduction to Disaster Services.
Emergency Assistance to Families - Module I

This course prepares participants in meeting the emergency needs of families affected by disasters. This course helps participants develop interviewing skills and the knowledge, attitudes and relationships necessary to provide assistance. Prerequisites: Introduction to Disaster Services.

Application for 7.0 Continuing Education Hours in Social Work is pending.
Emergency Assistance to Families - Module II

Instruction on conducting follow-up interviews, home visits, providing recovery assistance within guidelines and informing disaster victims of governmental and other disaster assistance available to them. Prerequisites: Introduction to Disaster Services; and Emergency Assistance to Families Module I.

Application for 7.0 Continuing Education Hours in Social Work is pending.
Local Disaster Volunteers - Module I

The purpose of this training is to assist Red Cross paid and volunteer staff to prepare for sufficient volunteers in the event of a disaster in the local chapter.  The course is designed to help the participants identify preparedness measures that should take place on the local unit level and enable them to administer the Local Disaster Volunteers (LDV) function when a disaster strikes the chapter.

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