Don't let your holiday season be marred by a fire in your home.  Some common sense safety tips can keep you safe this holiday season.

· Tree Safety
When shopping for a Christmas tree, don't purchase one that is shedding needles.   Cut at least one inch of off the trunk and keep the tree in water at all times.  Use a  non-tip stand and do not place the tree near any heat source such as a radiator,  furnace heat vent or fire place.  Keep trees away from exits.  Water the tree  frequently.

· Light Safety
Make sure your lights are labeled by a safety testing agency such as Underwriters  Laboratory (UL).  Check the light strings for signs of damage or wear.  Don't over  load outlets and never string more than the recommended number of sets of lights   together.  Do not hang electric lights on metallic trees.  Always unplug lights when  you go away or before going to bed.  Use only the proper lighting when decorating  out doors.

· Holiday Decorations
Use only flame retardant, or non combustible decorations or costumes.  Do not  place candles or other sources of flame near holiday decorations.  Never leave  candles unattended.  Don't smoke near trees or decorations.

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